International School Library Month 2016 In Hungary

Szegedi Arany János Általános Iskola

Szegedi Arany János Általános Iskola

The Szegedi Arany János Primary School is organizing a frenetic Library Night in connection with the novels of the popular author, Laura Leiner on 14th October. Our school would like to join the International School Library Day with this programme. Our main topics are The confusion of languages in Babel, Environmental protection, The history of music festivals, and I ♥ SZJG.

Budapest VI. Kerületi Szinyei Merse Pál Gimnázium

Budapest VI. Kerületi Szinyei Merse Pál Gimnázium

The International Month of School Libraries is celebrated for a whole week:
The events of this year:

We participate in the international bookmark exchange programme. We sent the works of 50 of our students to different countries: Romania, England and Portugal.
We organize Treasure hunts that has already become a tradition in our school. The participants pick a card with 5 book titles which they have to find in the library. Those who find the books and collects the ’International Month of School Libraries logos from them, wins a present. The date of the hunt is 26-28 October.
In our handcrafts club graphics of Johanna Basford and the beautiful drawings from the Game of Thrones coloring book can be painted or colored. We present the decoupage technique to those who are interested that can be used to decorate boxes, phrames and glassware. This takes place in the afternoons on 24th, 27th and 28th October.
And finally, there is a film screening event on 28th October after the handcrafts workshop. We watch The Book of Eli that is followed by a discussion about the power of culture.

BGSZC Harsányi János Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája

BGSZC Harsányi János Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája

Night culture-ward
This is the fourth occassion we organize this event on 28th October and 29th October from 18.00- 08.00. Students could registrate until 26 October at Mr. Ferenc Horváth teacher.
Our aim is to introduce students to culture and besides build a team.
18.00 gathering
18.30 Witch or queen that is the question puppet show in 60 minutes. The history of puppet shows presented by Tóthné Szőllősi Piroska Tűzvirág Puppet Theatre)
Types of puppets, motivation, aim and tool....why? It is good to play!
- it has a role in character building
-you can try yourself in acting
-you can show your creative ideas
or you rather feel like being a dragon? Try it out! Play!
19.30 School library! I love you! Hungary! I love you! The idea of this game is based on the MTVA entertaining-educational game show.
Hosts- Orsolya Szemerédi and Ferenc Horváth
Leaders of the groups competing- Mária Polányi and Ferenc Karsai competing with present and former students of the school Harsányi.
Laughter is in the centre while gaining interesting information about ourselves the school and the school library.
22.00 Announcing the results
22.05 "Pop in"
24.00 A new star borns- talent show... be prepared well before
01.00 set your bed in the gym after a fairy tale
sleeping (optional) instead of sleeping film watching or felling nostalgic about the summer camp of the school
Important! After paying the registration fee of 600 HUF studetns get a form to be signed with the parents
Take a slleping bag with you. Closging of the gates at 20.00 after this noone can enter only go out.